Pest Control Tecom

Pest Control Tecom

Tecom in Dubai is a large area that houses the largest technology business community in this region. You may be a resident of the stylish apartments, villas or penthouses in the area. Or you may own commercial spaces or offices in this techno hub. If you are being distressed with pest infestations, give us a call at QPC LLC for help. We will help you get rid of any pest infestation quickly and effectively.

It is normal for residents of Tecom to experience certain levels of pest infestations during the summer. Quality Pest control Tecom, Dubai(QPC) specializes in providing different kinds of pest control services in Pest Control Tecom locality. When it comes to pest control in Tecom, we provide comprehensive services for controlling different pests such as cockroach, the bed bug, and rat infestations, among others.

As far as Tecom residents are concerned, we offer high-quality services at moderate rates. Our team of certified and trained technicians do a thorough job when it comes to getting rid of pests from your office/house.


Undesirable pests can make an entry into your home during any time of the year whenever the conditions are best for them. They generally ruin your property and cause health issues. Our pest control services will help to prevent their entry and keep your house free from any infestation.


Cockroaches are often found inside crevices in your bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms, as well as wall junctions. They multiply within a short period. Cockroaches contaminate foods in the kitchen and cause health problems.

The techniques that we implement for eliminating cockroaches include spraying chemicals and deploying chemical balls and gels. These bring the cockroaches out from their hiding places and kill them. The advanced gel treatment provides long-term relief from the menace posed by cockroaches.


We are experts in providing effective spray treatments for eliminating the bed bug menace from your home or office. These treatments minimize the chances of any re-infestation by the bed bugs.  The bed bugs treatment method is a specialized job and requires the best quality service, providers. We execute these extermination services at very competitive rates.

In Tecom, bed bug infestations are pretty common. These pests live on the blood of the members of the house, causing allergies and irritations. These parasites are very elusive and are more active during the night.

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